Here is a collection of my pencil drawings.

I started to draw in February 2015. I was laying in bed one night just before my partner was due to give birth to twins. I was thinking what have I done in my life; What skill can I learn that won’t be useless in a few years time? I suddenly had the urge to start drawing photorealistic pencil portraits. A skill that I can use throughout my life and produce art that will last a lifetime and more. So I read a few books on the techniques of drawing portraits, gave it ago and found it felt like a natural talent I never knew I had before.

Drawings of people and animals capture a moment in time that can be very personal. This makes a perfect gift that will touch the heart and last a life time. I do commissioned work, please contact me with your requirements.

Commission Work

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A pencil portrait of the magician Ed Marlo

3rd February 2019

A pencil portrait of the Mona Lisa

3rd July 2017

A portrait of two children

29th December 2016

A portrait of a baby

7th March 2016

A lion

31st January 2016

My partner as a child

5th January 2016

A portrait of my Granddad and Grandma on their wedding day

10th December 2015

My partners father as a child, Zenek.

11th November 2015

A portrait of my partners parents Zenek and Irene

4th November 2015

A family portrait

19th October 2015

A portrait of my partners grandma

15th September 2015

A portrait of Magda and Lena

20th June 2015

A drawing of myself and Karolina.

19th May 2015

A drawing of my twins Oliver and Nina.

19th April 2015

A drawing of my dog Pixel

14th April 2015

A portrait of my partner Karolina

9th March 2015