I started experimenting with music when I was a child, playing around with tape recorders and electronic keyboards. When I was 12 in 1992 I started to creating music using a computer. I then developed from there producing various types of music. I then learnt to play the piano and studied music theory while playing piano in church over 15 years. I have produced two sample libraries, which are a collection of composed musical loops and elements that music music producers can use to create their own music.

Nic Higham – Living The Life That You Are (Album Released Aug 31, 2018)

31st August 2018

Ghost Anthology – My Life’s Work and Other Insignificant Events (Released: 01/09/17)

1st September 2017

Dave Higham – Some Place Else (Album Released 02/2016)

6th February 2016

Degrees of Abstract

16th January 2008

Koncept & Funktion

16th January 2006