Dave HighamMy name is Dave Higham. I live in Leicester, United Kingdom. I enjoy drawing and creating music.

I started experimenting with music when I was a child, playing around with tape recorders and electronic keyboards. When I was 12 in 1992 I started to creating music using a computer. I then developed from there producing various types of music. I then learnt to play the piano and studied music theory while playing piano in church over 15 years. I have produced two sample libraries, which are a collection of composed musical loops and elements that music music producers can use to create their own music.

I started to draw in February 2015. I was laying in bed one night just before my partner was due to give birth to twins. I was thinking what have I done in my life; What skill can I learn that won’t be useless in a few years time? I suddenly had the urge to start drawing photorealistic pencil portraits. A skill that I can use throughout my life and produce art that will last a lifetime and more. So I read a few books on the techniques of drawing portraits, gave it ago and found it felt like a natural talent I never knew I had before.

Please have a look around my website and feel free to contact me about anything.